If you didn’t hear the big news yesterday, mark your calenders because on Tuesday September 2nd I will be back on-air!

I will not be alone either, solo artist Mark Samson will be in studio!

More very cool details to be announced later on!

Check out the home page on the show’s site for some pretty wicked news!


I can’t contain myself. Wanted to provide a nip-slip of what’s been going on. All I can say right now is…hell yes.

Changes are happening and new things are on the horizon. Keep checking in to see what new features will be added to www.themegawattsradioshow.com as well as on the show.

Thanks for the support.


Okay, I haven’t been on-air since around mid April. I haven’t taken the time to lounge and listen to albums all day (which would be nice). I’ve actually filled up about 10 pages of notes and ideas for the show.

I’ve got something really stellar starting to form but it would be nothing without your input. You are the ones who have rocked with me for quite some time. Without everyone of you, I wouldn’t have an internet radio show with a purpose. To entertain, inform, raise hell and have fun!

With that being said. Let me hear ya!

What do you think or what would you like to hear that would make the show much more enjoyable?! More Classic Rock, more New Rock, etc.

I will let one cat out of the bag: I plan on interviewing up and coming bands on a frequent basis. That’ll bring more new tunes to the table and hopefully inform you of some legendary rockers in the making.


Man. I hid under a really big stone for awhile. A Rolling Stone that is!

Real smooth ex-lax…..

Going on the book bucket list! 

Wishing you the best, Tony! 

I’m going to try and see if I can feature Diamond Lane as a High Voltage Artist. What do you think?