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Introducing Michaels’ Law, check it out! What a true inspiration! Image courtesy of:  
#AlwaysKickAss #NeverGiveUp

Introducing Michaels’ Law, check it out! What a true inspiration! Image courtesy of:  

#AlwaysKickAss #NeverGiveUp

The Facebook messenger app and now the Corvette ‘spy cam’ have made me recall a personal favorite of mine by Rare Earth. Next thing you know your phone/mobile device will be attached to your head like an alien from one of the Predator movies.

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Part two of my Acemann interview is premiering tomorrow!

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Sabbath plan new record and final tour! How cool would it be to see Bill Ward back apart of the band? 


Check out the album by MASSIVE with this sampler video!

On tour with The Treatment and Blackberry Smoke throughout October and November! 

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This happened to me back in July. Never before have I had a floor seat and I will never again UNLESS I’m in the front. Which in that case I need to work seven full-time jobs to afford that. 

What annoys you at concerts?

This is soo cool! Great for a Sunday morning! 

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